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We build websites for manufacturers of all sizes and have a funding source that may help you pay for it.

Funding Program

Few manufacturing companies realize that there’s a grant program that matches company dollars to enhance their online platforms with either a new website or improvements to an existing website, including helping U.S. manufacturers build e-commerce functionality.

Integritive is a pre-approved registered vendor for the program, and we can help your manufacturing company tap into these funds. And it’s not an insignificant amount, either: a 50/50 cost share up to $75,000, with options available for smaller companies that can’t afford this split.

You may qualify If your company is experiencing:

  • Declining sales

  • Declining employment

  • Negative impact from imported products

The program funds strategically sound projects to improve your company’s competitive position, such as:

  • Website Design & Development

  • E Commerce Implementation

  • Internet Marketing & SEO

Find out today if you are eligible to receive a cost share of up to $75,000